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Rami Alame is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur who graduated with an LLM in Financial Services Law from New York Law School. He is the founder of one of the first legal tech startups in the Arab World: Lexyom, Inc.

He worked in New York for several years before leaving the corporate world to launch several startups in tech. He has been working with startups for the past decade, helped hundreds to scale internationally and close funding.

He has worked with startups in Edtech, Healthtech, Logtech, Legaltech, RegTech, Fashion, and Fintech. From a very young age, having struggled with clinical blindness, which he overcame through dedication, execution, adaptation, and passion, he has searched for new ventures and exciting journeys.

“The mind is the key to success, and your choice is now.”

In the startup world, things move at the speed of light. If you are new to the game, how will you have the time to learn? Where will you start? How will you keep up? This book contains the answers to those questions and so many more. Learn from an entrepreneur firsthand, and to benefit from extensive advice from a founder.

Alame offers examples and stories to offer the most effective advice for young entrepreneurs. He takes you through every step of building a startup and puts forth concrete examples, tips, and solutions for proceeding with your vision.

Discover the community of entrepreneurs called “The Akylles Gang”, and learn about the trajectory of an entrepreneur, evolving from employee to serial founder and entrepreneur. You will experience every step, while envisioning your own journey and learning how to take it to the next level.

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I'm proud to have worked with Rami for more than five years now. My opinion might be subjective, but from the moment he talked to me about Lexyom, I trusted him. I believe in him and I believe in his vision. This is what Rami does best. Rami is an inspiration to many and I see it with every startup Lexyom works with.

Nadine Imad

CEO Lexyom inc.

When we met at law school, Rami was all about business, finance and numbers and I was all about law. I ended up switching to Finance while Rami went to Legal. The least I could say is that Rami always has the energy to influence others and showcase his excitement. I can see him now, fully in his element, implementing change one startup at a time.

Omar Chehab

Senior Dealer, Liquidity Management

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The Best way to learn is from other people’s stories.

The mind is the key to success, and your choice is now.

You will never be lovelier than you are now; we will never be here again.

Humans are complex creatures; they can’t be monotonous.

A Startup without Vision is a ship without a rudder.

What was Mockery yesterday is the new cool today.

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